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Bachelor of Business Administration | International Business | part-time studies

3,5 years
Application deadline: Joint application
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Study International Business part-time in Centria University of Applied Sciences. Make a choice of a life-time and apply!

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration | International Business | part-time studies

The degree program provides our students with a strong base of business skills and tools to manage businesses in intercultural environments. The curriculum is designed to provide the skills and expertise versatilely for the business field. If you are interested in working for an international company or in international positions and business environments, this degree programme is aimed at you.

You will study many business-related subjects, such as economics, management accounting and environmental management, human resources management, strategic management and etc. You will also study research and development related subjects to support you in the thesis project that you will do during your last study year. You can join different research and development projects and other customer projects, in which you can practice the skills you have learned during your studies. You will deepen your knowledge in the profiling studies, which consists of three study modules: Creative Marketing, Global Business and Tourism and Event Management. In these studies, you will concentrate on various interesting subjects, such as B2B marketing and social media and e-commerce marketing, international logistics and exhibitions, events and fairs – only to mention a few examples.

The studies are conducted in English as part-time studies. The studies are organized in blended mode, which means you will have contact teaching in the classroom, online classes and project work. The contact teaching will be arranged on Campus Allegro in Pietarsaari twice a week during daytime. The studies require independent work, as well. However, you will also work in groups on different projects and assignments while practising your communication and teamwork skills. All the studies are organized in a multicultural environment since our students represent over 40 nationalities.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelors of Business Administration have versatile employment opportunities. The graduates can work in many different positions in sales and marketing, development, financial management and general administration. Some of the Bachelors of Business Administration work as entrepreneurs.

In the future, your potential occupational title can be

  • Export or import manager,

  • Sales representative,

  • Marketing manager,

  • Key accountant,

  • Office manager,

  • Project manager,

  • Purchasing manager,

  • CEO,

  • Financial manager,

  • Human resource manager and

  • Entrepreneur

Admission and requirements

In order to apply to a degree programme, please fill out the online application form which is available on

Degree / diploma

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Tradenomi (AMK)

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