Biomedicine (BIOMED), Master of Science

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Biomedicine (BIOMED), Master of Science

The Master ́s Degree Programme in Biomedicine is a unique combination of science education and medical competence offered by the UEF School of Medicine. The programme provides the student with a strong theoretical background in biomedicine and hands-on expertise in modern biomedical research methods and techniques. The students will learn, not only about the current developments, but also near future challenges to molecular biomedicine, especially genome-based diagnostics and personalized treatments.

The major of the Master’s degree is Molecular Medicine, with Molecular Medicine and Computational Biomedicine as orientation options. There is an optimal balance between the theoretical studies and practical training. In the advanced level courses, the student will learn e.g. principles of disease development at the molecular and cellular level, cell and tissue imaging, genome-wide methods, computer-aided data analysis and reporting scientific data in both written and verbal format.

The education is based on top quality research conducted at the Institute of Biomedicine, the A. I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, and the School of Pharmacy. The Biomedicine MSc graduates are fully capable of working as team members in biomedical research groups or enterprises, or continuing with postgraduate studies.

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Master of Science

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