Engineering Materials Science, Master of Science (Technology)

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Engineering Materials Science, Master of Science (Technology)


Materials science studies the production of different structural and functional materials, their consistency and structure, technical properties and industrial applications. Materials scientists tackle problems arising from the industry in order to enhance the competitiveness and performance of materials by utilizing their solid competence in chemistry, physics and other natural sciences.  

We take pride in our excellent quality of education; our teachers, laboratories and research are at the cutting edge of materials science in Finland. Many of our research groups are internationally recognized and merited, as are our teachers and researchers. The teaching in the Master’s Degree Programme in Engineering Materials Science is joined together with research, and the two are constantly in contact. In terms of both teaching and research, we are committed to providing scientific solutions to the materials challenges faced by industry.  

The Master's Degree Programme in Engineering Materials Science offers multidisciplinary and flexible study opportunities of a high standard and quality. It operates in an internationally-oriented and innovative study and research environment, preparing students for flexible professional and academic career opportunities both in Finland and abroad. The Master's Degree Programme in Materials Science and Engineering leads to the degree of Master of Science in Technology. 

Koulutuksen sisältö

Tampere University provides students with a broad, cross-disciplinary education. Besides conventional lectures, we employ practical teaching methods, such as exercises, laboratory assignments and web-based methods, and foster a problem-based approach to learning. 

The compulsory basic studies of the master’s programme provide an introduction to the field of materials science and prerequisite knowledge for pursuing professional studies. The module also provides students with other necessary skills, such as the basics of the Finnish language and guidance for thesis writing. 

The focus areas, or major subjects, available in the programme provide?in-depth knowledge of?materials science and engineering from a variety of different perspectives. The two focus areas offered in the programme are: 

  • Metallic and Ceramic Materials 
  • Polymeric Materials 

Additionally, the Master’s Degree Programme in Engineering Materials Science offers a focus area that is studied abroad. Mechanics of Materials may be studied at the Departamento de Ciencia de la Materiales of the Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in Spain. Students have to apply for admission to the module after being accepted to our master's programme. The focus area is available in the second academic year.  

We offer our students the opportunity to gain international experience in the form of a double degree. The double degree programme comprises a curriculum of 120 ECTS credits at Tampere University and at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). This cooperation allows students to not only widen their knowledge of materials science in a very international framework but also tailor their degree to stand out in today’s challenging job market. 

Students enrolled in the Master’s Degree Programme in Engineering Materials Science complete an advanced (30 credits) or an extended (50-60 credits) major subject. To complete a Master's Degree in Technology, students are required to prepare a master's thesis related to their major subject (30 credits). The master's thesis is an extensive treatise, which prepares the student for independent study and research, the mastery of scientific methods, referencing conventions, and the scientific mode of presentation in a good literary form. 

Students completing an extended major are not required to pursue a minor subject. A minor subject can be freely selected, and with their choice of minor students can direct their expertise towards their desired career path or field of interest. 

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