International Business – Sustainable Global Business, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) (2 years)

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International Business – Sustainable Global Business, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) (2 years)

MIB focuses on the identification and management of challenges arising from planning, controlling and coordinating business operations for sustainable global business. Courses consist of a variety of teaching methods ranging from traditional lectures to problem-based learning, projects, role plays, group works, individual assignments, simulations, and other leading edge tools to advance learning both in and out of the classroom. Guest speakers from business partners will give insights on the studied matters to boost your comprehension of real issues. Our capstone course “Sustainable Global Business in Practice” offers challenging but rewarding learning experience in turning theory into practice with partner companies. A customized personal competence development plan is designed to help you focus on developing the kind of relevant competences you need after graduation to build a career that best suits your interests and strengths. MIB's Mentoring programme and double degree options in Italy, France, Germany and Czech Republic offer great opportunities for personal development and improving the transition from university to work. In addition, MIB recommends students to be active in applying for internship positions in Finland and abroad during summer and the second year of studies to improve the skills and attitudes required in different positions.

Master’s degree students are expected to complete courses worth approximately 30 ECTS credits each semester as an active full-time student. The programme cannot be completed as distance learning.


The objective of the MIB programme is to educate internationally competent students and to provide them with the required knowledge and skills to work in challenging positions both in international business and in the increasingly diverse domestic markets. In practice this means developing a diverse range of knowledge and skills.

We offer you the chance to develop your international competence in an interdisciplinary programme focusing on Sustainable Global Business through three core knowledge areas of international business: global strategies in a digitized world, global marketing and entrepreneurship, and leading people in global business environment. In addition, sustainability and ethics in global business are integrated into these key areas.

In more detail, by the end of the programme you will demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the key concepts and theories

  • in globalization strategies and how to develop global digital business strategies
  • in global marketing strategies and entrepreneurial growth in an uncertain and complex global environment
  • in global human resource management and leadership, how to create plans to support the employees’ competences and performance and how to develop global leadership
  • on sustainability and ethics and the challenges and opportunities which are related to the integration of economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development in global business

In addition, you will practice the following intellectual and transferable skills

  • critical thinking, decision making and problem solving
  • cross-cultural communication and negotiation skills, collaboration in diverse teams and self-management

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Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

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