Högskolan på Åland

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Högskolan på Åland

Högskolan på Åland

Welcome to Åland University of Applied Sciences!

Åland University of Applied Sciences is located in the town of Mariehamn. It is a small university, which allows for close contact between teachers and students.

Åland University of Applied Sciences offers seven degree programmes in Swedish in business administration, navigation, hospitality management, engineering (marine, electrical and IT) and health and caring sciences for a total of 600 students. Åland UAS's first Master's degree programme in English, “Energy Automation Sustainable Engineering'',  will start in January 2024. 

Åland Open University offers around 100 academic courses, lectures and seminars annually. 

The education offered by Åland UAS emphasizes close contact with business, industry and services, especially at the regional level. The university’s degree programmes are designed to meet the changing requirements and development needs of the workplace, having a pronounced occupational emphasis and qualifying graduates for various expert duties. Åland UAS undertakes research and development activities with an applied and practical emphasis.

Join us at Åland University of Applied Sciences!

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Koulutukset Paikkakunta
Master of Engineering, Energy Automation Sustainable Engineering Maarianhamina
Sjukskötare (YH) Maarianhamina
Tradenom (YH) | Företagsekonomi Maarianhamina


Högskolan på Åland

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AX-22111 Mariehamn