Master's Degree Programme in Gender Studies

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Master's Degree Programme in Gender Studies

The MA in Gender Studies deepens your perspectives on gender studies and feminist thought. The curriculum incorporates Nordic and cross-cultural and transnational emphases. It will encourage you to develop innovative, intersectional and interdisciplinary ways of expanding knowledge about gender and sexuality in contemporary and historical contexts.

The Master’s Degree Programme in Gender Studies is a co-operation between the University of Turku and Tampere University. An applicant is allowed to apply to both of the universities within the programme. At University of Turku, Gender Studies has a humanities profile, operating within the School of History, Culture and Art Studies, whereas at Tampere University is situated within Faculty of Social Sciences. The applicant’s preference for home university must be indicated in the application form.

Biannually 5 students are admitted to the programme in the University of Turku. All students are required to start at the beginning of the autumn term, and there is no separate admission for the spring term. Because of the limited admission quota possession of the degree requirements does not guarantee admission. Only those applicants who have attained a high level of academic performance in their previous studies will be admitted.

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