Functional Materials - Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)

2 years
Application deadline: Separate application period
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Functional Materials - Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)

In Functional Materials you will study about

  • materials hard and soft: metals, semiconductors, polymers, biomimetic materials, nanomaterials, ceramics, foams, hybrid materials and composites
  • the materials at different scales – large and small: atomic bonding, nanoscale and microstructures, bulk materials with large-scale production and novel materials still in research stage
  • smart materials and phenomena: stimuli-responsive materials and self-healing materials
  • devices: sensors and actuators in nano and microscale
  • structural and surface characterisation: SEM, AFM, XRD, Raman, ellipsometer, nanoindentation…

We want you to find your strengths as a materials expert – whether it is an innovative mind, critical thinking, working alone or in multidisciplinary groups – and thus we also offer a wide range of project courses in which you solve real-life cases both from industry and cutting-edge research.

You can also freely choose from a wide selection of specialization courses, which range from surface physics to functional inorganic materials, biomaterials to renewable energy materials, MEMS to computational molecular thermodynamics, additive manufacturing to nanoengineering.

Modern materials science – smart materials and devices

We also encourage you to challenge yourself. Once you graduate as M.Sc., you will/can:

  • have a solid understanding of scientific principles together with economic and engineering realities
  • are able to evaluate material properties, design new materials and predict their behavior
  • have a deep knowledge of transformation processes, phase equilibria and nanomaterial synthesis
  • understand materials research and development in academia and industry
  • have curiosity to explore new frontiers in research and courage to defend your findings
  • have courage to make a change in the world

After your graduation you will be a materials expert with up-to-date knowledge and excellent problem solving skills.


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