Sustainable Metals Processing - Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)

2 years
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Sustainable Metals Processing - Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)

Imagine a world without metals. Without metals, there would not be cities, energy, transportation and many products that improve our quality of living. Metals have been, are, and will be one of the main pillars of the modern society and economy.

Circular economy requires more sustainable, efficient, environmentally friendly and economic metals processing. The major study subject of Sustainable Metals Processing answers to these demands.

Sustainable Metals Processing is a fully integrated study program that combines metals and mineral processing technology based on scientific and engineering principles with economy and society. It covers the whole cycle of materials from acquiring raw materials to recycling end-of-life products. The focus is in the processes that make metals production and recycling possible.

This study field includes diverse multidisciplinary areas, spanning from theoretical metallurgy, experimental studies and process engineering to knowledge-intensive design and optimization of the processes, equipment, plant operations and product applications. The aim of the major is to introduce a broad way of thinking: whatever you do as an engineer, always include the economic, environmental and social aspects in it.

Sustainable Metals Processing offers you interesting and diverse career opportunities in multidisciplinary international teams in research and industry working on the challenges to make our world a better place.


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