Bachelor of Engineering | Logistics | distance studies

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Bachelor of Engineering | Logistics | distance studies

The Logistics programme will give you a combination of engineering skills and an understanding of business management / logistics management. The programme aims to build and strengthen your theoretical understanding of engineering as well as an analytical approach to work.  

The programme provides you with a flexible way to learn online. This enables you to customize the timing of your personal study plan. You have the possibility to work in virtual and international teams with your fellow students as well as proceed independently on your own phase. You can benefit from combining your past and/or current working life experience and studies as well as from the versatile background and experience of your fellow students. Your information acquiring, and communication skills will evolve and you will develop your problem-solving skills within multi-cultural teams and networks.

  • you have understand of the business as a whole 
  • you will gain good understanding of technology, economics and management
  • have good understanding of international purchasing as part of the firms success factors
  • you are able to manage and develop distribution and in-house logistics systems
  • you have tools to work in maritime logistics related tasks
  • you will gain abilities to work in international and technical sales

Professional studies concentrate on the following themes: - Economics and Management - Logistics Management - Purchasing - Distribution and In-house Logistics - Maritime Logistics - Technical Sales

Engineering studies are mainly offered via distance learning which gives you an opportunity to study flexibly in your own time. You will study and communicate in a global network of students and teachers. The studies also include contact teaching which will take place online.  

Studying in Degree Programme in Industrial Management includes three contact-day-sessions twice an academic year. The program of contact days is related to the part of the courses offered the following semester and it is time and place dependent teaching.

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SAMK Separate application to programmes tuitioned in English I, Spring 2021

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Bachelor of Engineering, Insinööri (AMK)

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulun löydät länsirannikolta meren ääreltä ja Kokemäenjoen rannalta. Neljällä paikkakunnalla voit opiskella yli 30 koulutuksessa. SAMKin modernit kampukset luovat mahtavan pohjan käytännönläheiselle opiskelulle. Jokaisella alalla tehdään paljon yritysyhteistyötä erilaisissa projekteissa, joissa pääset ratkomaan aitoja työelämän ongelmia soveltamalla teoriaa käytäntöön....

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