Master of Culture and Arts | Media Management | full-time studies

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Master of Culture and Arts | Media Management | full-time studies

If you are looking for tools to manage a media team, a media organisation or your own brand in a sustainable way, then look no further – Arcada has got you covered! Regardless of whether you are a freelancer, an influencer or represent a larger corporation, innovative ways of increasing the quality of media are a necessity.

A media manager today does not necessarily have an educational background in media or culture. At Arcada, we believe that a successful media manager needs to have a multidisciplinary understanding of the media, based on leadership, technology and culture. In this programme you will find yourself in a research-oriented environment. Our programme presents you with real-life cases and projects useful to a media manager in any organisation. It gives you a unique opportunity to integrate your previous studies and professional experience with fresh in-depth knowledge.

We take pride in our teaching culture – the teachers at Arcada are highly engaged and the contact between teachers and students is very informal. As a student in the Media Management programme you can expect teachers who support you in your studies and provide you with feedback along the way. Getting personal guidance from our teachers is something students and alumni keep highlighting as one of the top advantages of studying at Arcada.

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Master of Culture and Arts



Varför Arcada? Oavsett om du snart ska ta de första stegen i din karriär, eller redan befinner dig mitt i arbetslivet, erbjuder Arcada utbildningar som ger dig bästa tänkbara förutsättningar att möta framtiden. Arcada är en högklassig yrkeshögskola, som har...

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