Gender Studies, Master of Social Sciences

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Gender Studies, Master of Social Sciences


After completing the Master's Degree Programme in Gender Studies you will have

  • gained interdisciplinary understanding on gender, sexuality and racialisation in society
  • learned skills and knowledge to work independently with key theoretical and methodological traditions of feminist knowledge production
  • comprehended how inequalities organise and shape social life and practices, institutions, bodies, affects and identities
  • learned to design, conduct and report critical feminist academic research
  • gained expertise on promoting and practicing equality and equal opportunities in various contexts in society

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Master’s Degree Programme in Gender Studies provides advanced training in the field of gender studies for both Finnish and foreign students with a variety of academic backgrounds and career plans.

The scope and extent of this programme is unique. As a joint programme co-operation of Tampere University, the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University, it combines several special research and teaching profiles of gender studies. This guarantees a wide interdisciplinary expertise.

At Tampere University, “gender, institutions and politics” is a spearhead at the Tampere University research strategy, reflecting the significance, impact and high quality of gender studies at both national and international levels. Current research topics include (1) politics, economy and activism (struggles around gender equality and diversity, equality policies and feminist politics within parliaments, political parties, labour markets, civil society, and grassroots level); (2) science, technology and higher education (the relation between knowledge production, power and social justice; technology in everyday life; health), (3) politics of affect (how affects and emotions emerge through social and intimate relations, intersectional differences, bodily boundaries, cultural imaginaries, and representations) as well as (4) working life (changes, continuities and new forms of work). The aim of the programme is to integrate students into on-going research. At Tampere University, a wide network across disciplinary boundaries of gender researchers also organises regular research seminars.

At the University of Turku, the Master's Degree Programme in Gender Studies is organised by the Faculty of Humanities. Students also have the possibility to benefit from many other courses offered by the other programmes within the University. The main research areas are: academic feminism, research on affects, new materialism, trans studies.

At Åbo Akademi University, the Master’s Degree Programme in Gender Studies is also a part of the Master’s Programme in Social Exclusion. Students will be able to take courses offered by both programs, and benefit from Åbo Akademi University’s broader specialization in Minority Research. Gender Studies department’s key research and teaching areas are post- and decolonial feminisms, intersectionality, youth culture, activism, migration, and the media.

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Master of Social Sciences

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